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Public Statement from Kyle Wesolowski support campaign about his being granted C.O. status

February 18, 2011


February 18, 2011

After Months of Waiting, Fort Hood Soldier Is Finally Acknowledged As a Conscientious Objector


Killeen, Texas – Several months after returning from a combat tour in Iraq, Fort Hood soldier SPC Kyle Wesolowski submitted an application for a conscientious objector discharge based on his Buddhist faith. Since that time, SPC Wesolowski has completed a rigorous examination of his beliefs by military authorities, including required interviews by a psychiatrist, a chaplain and an independent investigating officer. All of these officials recommended that SPC Wesolowski be discharged based on the sincerity of his beliefs.


Today, we are pleased to announce that SPC Wesolowski’s Conscientious Objector claim was approved by the U.S. Army. Wesolowski’s discharge will likely occur in early March, 2011.  Kyle has received a great deal of encouragement from the community who helped to support him through this arduous process.

Here is what a few of his supporters had to say about this news:

“Kyle’s decision to follow his conscience has required great patience and perseverance.  I admire his command and the Army administration for recognizing his sincerity, and choosing to honor him with a conscientious objector discharge.” – Fran Clark, Board Member, Under the Hood Cafe and Outreach Center

“It has taken great courage for Kyle to follow his conscience.  He has diligently, respectfully and patiently pursued his conscientious objector status over the last several months.  I trust that the Army recognizes Kyle’s sincerity and will move quickly to approve an honorable discharge.”  Alice Embree, Board Member Fort Hood Support Network

Wesolowski’s attorney, James Branum, had this to say:

“I am so proud of Kyle. He stood strong in a long and difficult process. Many other applicants would have given up, but Kyle stood firm. Thankfully the Army has now recognized what I’ve known all along — Kyle is a sincere conscientious objector to war.”


Media Contacts:

James Branum, Attorney at Law, 405-476-5620,

Cindy Thomas, Manager, Under the Hood Café & Outreach Center 254-449-8811

Heidi Turpin, PR/Media, Under the Hood Café & Outreach Center, 512-565-2244


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